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State Registration Services

State Registration Services

A Certificate of Authority, or Foreign Qualification, are legal documents when filed with the Secretary of State to give authority for your company to lawfully do business in that state.  Most states require a Certificate of Authority to be filed before the start of conducting business.  

Growing and expanding your business into other states is a true sign of success. Like other aspects of your business the legal and tax side must also be addressed. Failing to file the required documents with the state(s) you are expanding into can have very negative effects on your business legally and financially.

The process of filing a Certificate of Authority can be time consuming as the requirements and fees change from state to state. Whether you need to obtain authority for your company to business in one or all fifty states, we can manage this process for you from start to finish.  From obtaining a certificate of good standing to arranging registered agent service in the state you are filing your authority to do business in we will handle the whole process in a professional timely manner.


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