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Charitable State Registration Services

Charitable State Registration

Most states and some municipalities require charities to register with either the Secretary of State or Attorney General prior to the solicitation of contributions.  Failure to register can lead to fines, civil suits, and the revoking of a charities right to solicit contributions in the future.

The charitable registration process can be extremely complex as each state has different filing deadlines, fees and supporting documentation requirements.  Steven W. Gordon, p.c. will manage the registration process from start to finish so that your staff can focus on your program services, and not waste valuable time tracking each states changing requirements.  Many states require audited financial statements and/or IRS Form 990 to be submitted with the registration.  If those items are not completed before the registration renewal date, we will file extensions on your behalf.  

We will prepare and submit your initial or renewal application as well as all required documentation and if a registered agent is required, we can set that up for you.  After the registration forms are submitted we will follow up with each state to verify that the application was received and processed.  Throughout the year, we will keep track of all upcoming renewal deadlines and make sure that the renewal registrations are submitted on time so that there is no chance of a lapse in registration status.  If you receive any state correspondence during the year, we will respond on your behalf. 

We charge a flat rate fee per registration, per year and will not charge additional fees if a registration requires additional follow-up with the state. To find out more about our fundraising registration services, visit our Smart Charity website:


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